Terms & Conditions

Next Day Delivery Service

Last Modified: 1 June 2021

1.  In accordance with the Next Day Delivery Services, Vroom shall commit to perform the delivery of the parcel within the next day in designated        serviceable areas in Kuching. (exclude all remote areas)

2.  This Next Day Delivery Services shall only be applicable for all walk-in customers and VIP customers.

3.  In order to ensure that the parcel can be delivered in the next 24 hours under the Next Day Delivery Service, the customer has to deliver the parcel before the Cut-Off Time as stipulated. The Cut-Off Time to deliver the parcel is varied based on customer segment. (Exclusion if next day is a Public Holiday).

  • For walk-in customer, the Sender may drop off the Shipment at our Courier Point before 3pm; Any parcel that is dropped off after the Cut-Off Time, an additional of one (1) calendar days is required. Having said that, the parcel will be delivered in the next 48 hours.
  • However, for VIP customer that has requested for pickup service, he or she has to complete the order before 1pm in order to have the parcel to be delivered before 23:59 the next day. For those VIP customers that selected the drop-off services, he/she may drop off the shipment at Our Courier Point before 3pm.  Any parcel that is picked up or dropped off after the Cut-Off Time, an additional of one (1) calendar days is required. Having said that, the parcel will be delivered in the next 48 hours.

4.  This Next Day Delivery Services shall only be applicable for walk in customer by cash payment method, whilst for the VIP customer, the payment method can be by weekly or monthly cash or bank transfer payment method and Cash On Delivery is not accepted.

5.  Important Documents Deliveries

  • Posting of original and/or official documents, including but not limited to the following important documents:
    (a) MyKad; (b) Passport; (c) Birth certificate/marriage certificate; (d) Cheque book; (e) Quit rent & assessment; (f) Academic certificate; (g) Agreements and legal documents or other important documents will be delivered at risks borne solely by the senders.
  • Vroom shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for the lost and/or damage of any original and/or official documents.

6.  In order for the Sender to be eligible for the Next Day Delivery Services, the Sender shall comply with the following parcel limitation:

  • All the Next Day Delivery Services shall be packed, properly  and for parcel which is not eligible by using Vroom flyers for packaging, a  Next Day Delivery Stickers shall be affixed on the parcel.
  •  Actual weight of the parcel shall be below 5kg, whereas for the dimensional limit, the single side shall not be more than 30cm and the total length of three sides should not more than 90CM.
  • Outer layer of the parcel shall not contain sharp or uneven surface;
  • Thin and long fragile item excluded
  • Except as expressly stated in this Terms and Conditions, other limitations and prohibitions, as stated in the VroomTerms and Conditions of Services and Deliveries shall apply mutatis mutandis with this Next Day Delivery Services.

7.  Vroom will, upon the Sender’s request and subject to the restrictions described below, provide a credit or a refund of the total shipping fee, which includes the additional top up amount paid by the Sender for Next Day Delivery Services delivery shipment, that is delivered later than Vroom’s quoted delivery commitment. Money back Guarantee with term and condition applied provided no outstanding owe to Vroom.

  • The Guarantee is exclusive of all other items, including, without limitation, fines, or other charges or amounts, and transportation charges resulting from returned shipments.
  • Customer shall notify Vroom of any claim for late delivery through www.vroomdelivery.my or Whatsapp us within fourteen (14) calendar days of the shipment date and provide Vroom with the sender’s name and company name (if any), the waybill number, Identity card number, the date of shipment, contact number as on waybill, clear copy of Vroom receipt/invoice, complete receiver information and credit reimbursement bank account.
  • Within 30 calendar days after customer had notified Vroom, Vroom shall either:
    • Provide the customer credit or refund once investigation completed,
    • Provide the customer with information explaining the reason that the shipment is not eligible for the Guarantee under the applicable limitations or exclusions, or
    • Provide the customer with evidence of timely delivery.

8.  Sender may not permit any other party to notify claims on its behalf nor assign claims to any other party. Payment by Vroom of the shipping fees refund to the Sender shall constitute a full release of Vroom’s obligations for any delay under the Guarantee.

9.  The Guarantee will not apply where late delivery or failure to deliver is due to circumstances beyond Vroom’s control, as set out in the Vroom Terms and Conditions of Services and Deliveries and including but not limited to the movement restrictions enforced by the government such as Movement Control Order, natural disaster, bad weather conditions, inaccurate or incomplete shipment information, delivery instructions or information (such as P.O. Box for receiver address, missing or inaccurate receiver telephone number), or receiver’s request for delay, request to change delivery address, office or shoplot has closed or does not operate, or unavailability or refusal of the receiver to accept delivery.

10.  Unless expressly stated in this Next Day Delivery Services Guarantee, all other provisions of Vroom Terms and Conditions of Services and Deliveries shall apply. The Guarantee is subject to modification or cancellation by Vroom at any time.

11.  This Terms and Condition is effective on 1st June 2021 and Vroom reserves the right to amend, change, or modify the contents of this Terms and Conditions at the Company’s discretion from time to time without further notice.